ARMS Record Storage Services

Document Storage

ARMS offers secure, worry-free off-site document storage and record storage. ARMS stores your documents in modern, secure record centers that have the latest security and monitoring features available. Think of our record centers as your file room except that you can actually find the the documents you need. Order a record or document that you need by computer, phone or fax. ARMS will promptly deliver the documents to your door by any method you choose such as in our company owned vehicles, digitally over the internet or by fax. Your records and documents are tracked step by step from the initial retrieval in the record center to delivery to your office.

File Storage

Need to keep track of files? ARMS has the ability to track files within boxes with our barcode item tracking system. ARMS can index your boxes of records and create searchable inventories using customizable fields based upon your needs. For example do you need to find all folders from the year 2008 that begin with the letter "A"? You're one mouse click away.

Scan on Demand Document Scanning

ARMS can scan the contents of a file or an entire box and then host the digital images on our secure servers. You can then access those records at your leisure from your computer. Scan on Demand offers flexibility and cost savings as you only need to scan the documents you choose as the need arises.

Medical Record Storage

ARMS document storage and record storage services offers healthcare providers HIPAA compliant record storage that protects the confidentiality and privacy of their patients private healthcare information. ARMS offers customized indexing options to facilitate fast retrieval of medical records.

Legal Record Storage

ARMS provides record storage services to the legal profession ranging in size from the sole practitioner to large national law firms. ARMS offers customized indexing options to help manage and track docuemts for their entire lifespan, from creation to destruction.


ARMS provides NAID AAA Certified Shredding services through its sister corporation, Data Shredding Service, Inc. Whether you need off-site shredding or mobile shredding (on-site) ARMS provides you the highest level of confidentiality and security available in the document shredding industry. ARMS therefore can provide comprehensive record management service for the entire lifespan of the records, from creation to secure destruction.

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