Why Off-Site Document Storage?

American Record Management Systems, Inc. ("ARMS") can help you lower your operating costs, improve employee productivity, create greater value from your information and help protect your business from the risks of disaster, litigation and audits. ARMS specializes in record information management services and will work with you to create a custom records management solution tailored to meet your needs which allows you to manage your business records and related information more effectively.

Efficiency, Flexibility and Security.

When you utilize ARMS to store you business records you'll experience greater efficiency, flexibility and security in the management of your information.

Cut Costs

Why are you using your expensive office space to store information like documents and files? Why are you buying expensive file cabinets or warehouse space and tying up your assets? Let ARMS manage that information for you and free up your assets. ARMS is an expert in smart information lifecycle management solutions.


Ensure your information remains safe and confidential. As your records and information management partner, ARMS understands how important information is to your business. It requires confidential handling and secure storage. ARMS offers both.

Controlled Access

You specify who can access your records and ARMS will take the appropriate steps to provide those employees with as much or as little access as you desire. Authorization lists and physical security systems help ensure that your instructions are followed and your information is protected.

Disaster Protection and Disaster Planning

As we all know hurricanes, floods, earthquakes and fires can wipe out years of confidential and important information. In addition prolonged loss of electrical power and internet connectivity can inflict cash losses on your business. As a responsible business you need to avoid the cash losses that these natural disasters can inflict on your business. ARMS facilities are designed with these concerns in mind to provide you the best in document storage and record storage services.

Delivery and Pick-up Services

ARMS has a large fleet of delivery vehicles able to pick up and deliver your documents and records. ARMS provides standard timing, rush or emergency deliver so that you'll get your information on time.


ARMS offers a full array of easy to use information management services: Off-site records and document storage, pickup, delivery, inventory, retrieval, imaging, business continuity and destruction services.

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